Support Groups

Two twelve step support groups meet every week in CBC's Fellowship Hall.
Group 1- 7:30 PM Thursdays
Group 2- 7:00 PM Saturdays

Bible Study

(Mondays, 7 PM) Using study guides, the group examines and discusses one book of the Bible at a time. You are welcome to join at any time.

Men's Group

An assortment of members, non-members and friends meet every 2nd Saturday at 7AM for an old-fashioned breakfast. Lively discussions and banter are always included on the menu. A topic from current news and events is presented and then guys tear into it to find a Bible/Christian perspective and response.

Bible Exploration

Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM members, non-members and guests meet in the Fellowship Hall for study of the Bible. Areas of the Scriptures that cannot be covered during Sunday services are explored. Expect lively discussion and dialog. Be sure to bring your thinking shoes and your favorite Bible.

Sunday Brunch

Fellowship with other church members is an important part of building trusting relationships and staying encouraged in your Christian walk. Join the congregation after service, meet new members, and have a bite to eat.


The scope of missions at Campton Baptist Church varies widely from local outreaches, such as Halloween Outreach and Deacon's Fund, to national and international aid through American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire, Compassion International, and Samaritan's Purse. Campton Baptist Church, along with its members and congregation, also supports local and regional charities and non-profit organizations, such Camp Sentinel, Haven Pregnancy Center (formally Care Net), Teen Challenge, and CARC(Campton Area Resource Center).